How to Become Public Gold Dealer?
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How to Become Public Gold Dealer?

Assalamualaikum and best wishes to all readers. If you are reading this, it means that you have just taken a step forward from just being an avid reader to my website, to a motivated person with an intention to excel in Gold & Silver Investment.

I started being a Public Gold Dealer in January 2010. However, I have been investing in gold since 2009. I am fortunate enough to come across Public Gold as it offers an opportunity for individuals to be their agent. Being a dealer would give you better opportunity to either do the business, get paid in commission for every sales and purchases or just to take good opportunity to any promotion being thrown in by Public Gold.

By the way, Public Gold 'throws' in a birthday gift of RM100 voucher again for this year. I am fortunate to receive it in December 2014.


You only have to purchase RM30,000 products. You can choose any products that Public Gold offers be it gold bars, gold dinars, silver bars or jewelleries. Your RM30,000 is actually yours in terms of the above products. You can do anything you like with them. Either you keep them or show them to friends who would like to take this opportunity as well. Or you can start your own gold and silver business with your products worth of RM30,000. This is indeed a very low capital for the business.


For your information, international gold and silver prices changes every minute. However, at Public Gold, the prices changes every 20 minutes. This is to facilitate agents or customers to lock in the prices to buy. The prices can be seen at the right hand side of this website or the official website of Public Gold


  1. Public Gold products are very saleable. Why? It is because Public Gold is selling cheaper than the jewellery shops. The spread between the selling and buying price for gold is only 5-6% which is very small.
  2. Public Gold will accept its products even if they are bent and scratched provided that the weight remains the same.
  3. They are ready stock at Public Gold branches.  Although the gold price goes up or down, we still can still order at any time.
  4. Convenience of buying is another plus point. Dealer can buy via online, SMS, email or call to any Public Gold branch. Except for the last option, the buying process can be done 24 hours.
  5. Agents are given free pamphlet and thus it is very easy to promote the products.



  •    Sales commission of 1.0% to 2.0% ; another 0.5% commission if your sell back to Public Gold
  •    Sales profit of 5% - 6%

The second advantage is the profit when customers trade in gold to you. You will buy the original gold at the price of Public Gold ‘We Buy’. If the same day you have another customer who wants to buy from you, you will sell him at “We Sell’ price. Your profit is the spread of 5% -6% between the price We Sell and We Buy.

For example: On 5/11/2009, a customer wants to sell 20 grams of gold jongkong original to you, then you'd buy at the price of RM2635.00 (we buy).

Then, if at the same time there was a new customer wants to buy 20 grams of gold jongkong than you then you should sell gold jongkong purchased at the price of RM2635 earlier and sell at a price of RM2805.

So you make a profit of RM170.00

If you can sell 100g, your profit will be RM850.


There is NO sales target. Your commission will be based on your sales, be it just 1 Dinar, or 100 g of gold bar.


  1. Inform me what products you want via whatsapp. Or you want order it by yourself. (CLICK HERE)
  2. I will inform Public Gold Office via email to send Sales Order to you. I need your particulars such as your full name, IC No, Handphone No and email address.
  3. Once you got the Sales Order, bank in the money into Public Gold Account as per the Sales Invoice.
  4. Once bank-in, email the proof of payment to
  5. Once Public Gold confirmed receipt of payment, the staff will inform the time and place to collect your gold. Or you can call the branch to inform them to prepare your products at certain date and time.
Yearly sales achieved RM2-3 million. Rewarded incentive to Cape Town, South Africa
  Hafizul Hakim Bin Mohamad Kerta Master Dealer (PG000839) HP: 019-8884452