#TipHartanah: Kelebihan Membeli Hartanah pada awal kerjaya
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#TipHartanah: Kelebihan Membeli Hartanah pada awal kerjaya
Antara kelebihan jika orang-orang muda membeli hartanah seawal kerjaya mereka:
  1. Dapat panjangkan tempoh pinjaman
  2. Dapat membeli pada harga "mampu beli" sebelum ianya menjadi "mampu tengok".
  3. Dapat menjana positive cashflow yang lebih dek kerana tempoh pinjaman yang panjang.

For those younger buyers who are considering taking the plunge and buying their first property, I offers the following tips:

1. Invest long-term.

“Start thinking about your long-term financial independence and consider an investment plan. This may require a mental shift.”

2. Learn from those who have been there, done that. “Speak to others who started investing young, to gain a realistic view of the financial journey, sacrifices you may need to make, and rewards.” 3. Save smart. “Lenders look for evidence of consistent savings over time. Get into good saving habits from an early age by putting aside money from any working income, even casual jobs. To meet lender’s guidelines, you’ll need to show savings of 3% of your purchase price, generally over a six-month period.”

4. Maintain a clean credit history.

"Pay all of your bills or loan repayments on time!"