Public Gold Leadership Seminar (PGLS) 2015/2016 at SPAIN


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Who is eligible to qualify for the Public Gold Leadership Seminar (PGLS)?

  • All Authorized Dealers who achieve their required target sales and also meet the required conditions are eligible to qualify for the Public Gold Leadership Seminar (PGLS).

What are these Conditions?

  • One of the conditions is the ethical business conduct of the Dealership, in accordance to the letter and spirit of the Public Gold Rules of Conduct.
  • Others include:
  • The Authorized Dealers must have attended a Seminar within 6 months of qualification as Authorized Dealers.
  • Accounts are kept in good order Note that Authorized Dealers who have inherited the Public Gold business may not be invited.

Is the PGLS a guaranteed part of the Public Gold Sales & Marketing plan?

  • The PGLS is not part of the Public Gold Sales & Marketing Plan and is subject to change.

What are the qualifications for attendance of the PGLS?

  • For qualified Authorized Dealers, sales are accumulated within the fiscal year, from December to the following November.

How are the PGLS sales calculated?

  • There are 2 ways to earn PGLS Sales, i.e. through your Personal Sales and Group Sales that you receive when breaking-off a Master Dealer group. Other currencies will be converted to Ringgit Malaysia for calculation. The formulas are: 0.25 for Singapore Sales.

What are the targets for qualification to the PGLS?

  • 1st Seat = RM 3 mil personal sales/ RM 1 mil personal sales & RM 3 mil group sales.
  • 2nd Seat = RM 5 mil personal sales/ RM 2 mil personal sales & RM 6 mil group sales.
  • You may also earn bonus sales to qualify for the PGLS. Please refer to the Latest Marketing Promotion.

sip spain

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