Gold has risen around 20% this year!
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Gold has risen around 20% this year!

Gold is a tangible asset which cannot be printed at will. As such, it protects against inflation and currency devaluations.

For example, in 1970, a family in the Malaysia could buy a house with RM35,000 to RM50,000.

Today, RM50,000 is not even enough for a mortgage deposit.

By contrast, 2kg of gold (the equivalent of RM50,000 in the 1970s) can buy a RM400,000+ property today.

Latest Product: 1 kilogram goldbar
Latest Product: 1 kilogram gold bar

A growing body of research has shown that having a portion of savings in gold can improve purchasing power over the long term, especially as the real value of most major currencies declines.

Personal Testimonial

Gold price has increased 20% from 2015. Below is the invoice of250 gram last year dated 23/2/2015 at RM36,508.


I did sell back the gold bar to Public Gold (refer PG Buy price) on 17/3/2016 at RM42,030!

250g 2

Increase of 15.13%!

Opps, as an authorized Public Gold Dealer, I get additional 0.3% from selling back price of RM42,030 which is RM126!

The percentage of profit = 15.5% within one year.

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