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Public Gold Singapore – Open you gold account now!


Public Gold Singapore had recently introduced New Gold Savings Program named:

  1. GAP (Gold Accumulation Program)
  2. SAP (Silver Accumulation Program)

Imagine - the reasons you open a Bank Account  because you want to Save your money in the Bank. Similarly you open a GAP Account because you want to save your Gold in Public Gold.

To open a New GAP account can start with as low as 2g Gold bar.  You can top up every month with 1g or more gram of Gold.  You can withdraw your Gold Bar anytime at Public Gold Office example 1g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g or 100g.

GAP & SAP Account is suitable to anyone who love gold and like to accumulate Physical Gold & Silver as their Long Term Investment.This program is 100% back by Physical Gold & Silver.

SAP_Program gap

Two (2) Steps How To Open New GAP Account

1st Step : You Must be a PG Member: 

Provide below information to register and send via whatsapp to +60198884452:
  • Full Name
  • ID Number
  • Email Address
  • Contact Number:
  • Introducer : PG000839 (Hafizul Hakim)

2nd Step : Login into Public Gold Website Enter your Username (PG Code) & Password

>>> (For Singapore & Malaysia)

Then Click MY GAP - Below image will prompt


Click Purchase select either Gold or Silver. You can now Upload the jpeg image (Photo Shot from your Mobile) of your Proof Payment Receipt say SGD$200.00 and enter Receipt Reference No:XXXXX

Before that You need to transfer that amount to

                             Acc Name: Public Gold Marketing Pte Ltd

                                   Bank : DBS Bank Limited

                                   Type :  Current Account

                                 Acc No: 106-902-589-3

                              Swift No : DBSSGSG

Public Gold will process your application ASAP.

GAP enable you amass physical gold and Silver on pool allocation basis.  You can withdraw in the form of Physical Gold or Silver bullion at all Public Gold Branches at anytime.

Need Help How to Do Gold Accumulation Program, Please do not hesitate to SMS/WhatsApp +6019-8884452 .

Thank You

Hafizul Hakim

Public Gold Master Dealer