Aurora is an Italian brand which fuses fashion with 18k fine gold as they are designed to be an amusing elegant jewelry exclusively for you to mix and match from a range of unique charm designs that outshines your personality. The vibrant sheen of 18k gold stimulates high demand nationwide for its affordability and durability, 18k gold has the perfect balance between gold purity and strength and rarely causes any skin irritation or allergic reaction.
Moreover, Aurora is essential for you to be your own designer to create your personal style statement for any mood, any outfit and any occasion. From the thoughts and concepts of our Italian designer to the craftsmanship in the making of these jewelleries, our mission is to ensure that every single piece is made to be worn day in and out with significance on comfort and exclusivity. Aurora pledged to established your inner happiness and let them glow and show.
The artistic and sentimental value represent by Aurora is a fashion statement and something that every woman adores. Our vision is to create no boundaries of distinctiveness elements that allow every single woman to express their true personality and emotions with Aurora.
Nevertheless, carrying a treasured exquisiteness is never by chance, it has to be acquired by choice, choose your lifetime enchantment from Aurora today.