Mengapa Aurora Italia diperbuat dari emas 18 Karat (18K)?

I received a lot of feedback especially from ladies, why Public Gold produce a 18 karat Jewellery instead of 22 karat as previous edition.
Well, I manage to get 5 solid reason the BIG reason why Aurora Italia uses 18K gold:
Fact #1

Aurora Italia is an International brand that uses 18K gold, similar standards are used by international jewelers, however the 916 jewelry only popular in Malaysia and Singapore.
Fact #2

Only with 18K gold we are able to produce vibrant colours such as rose gold, white and much more.
Fact #3

The structure of 18K gold is much more sturdy and solid making its a perfect choice to encase precious stones such as diamond and ruby as the 916 and 999 gold are too soft making its impractical.
Fact #4

With the solid structure of 18K gold, we are able to manufacture smaller, more detailed designs and still retain the structure of these fine wire designs.
Fact #5

The outcome is an elegant yet exquisite design cherished by young ladies.
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