Seperti yang diumumkan oleh kerajaan, rakyat Malaysia akan menerima kredit ePenjana RM50 ewallet yang berada di bawah program yang dipanggil ePenjana. Di sini kami kongsikan cara untuk mendapatkan kredit ePenjana RM50 ini. APA ITU EWALLET e-Dompet atau bahasa Inggeris dikenali sebagai eWallet merupakan dompet digital yang mempunyai fungsi penyimpanan wang dan membolehkan aktiviti membeli-belah secara digital. TARIKH PENEBUSAN RM50 KREDIT EWALLET Kredit e-dompet berjumlah RM50 akan dipadankan dengan penawaran baucar diskaun dan pulangan tunai bernilai RM50 bagi pembelian fizikal. Tempoh memohon RM50 kredit ePENJANA adalah dari 31 Julai hingga 24 September 2020, manakala tarikh akhir penggunaan ePENJANA adalah pada 30 September 2020. SENARAI APLIKASI UNTUK TEBUS KREDIT EPENJANA EWALLET Untuk pengetahuan, ianya boleh ditebus melalui 3 aplikasi utama eWallet di Malaysia iaitu;
  • Boost
  • Touch n’ Go eWallet
  • Grabpay
CARA TEBUS KREDIT EPENJANA RM50 EWALLET Cara untuk membuat penebusan adalah, login ke mana-mana 3 daripada aplikasi tertera di atas tadi, dan masukkan maklumat anda dengan buat pengesahan. Pengesahan dibuat dengan cara memasukkan nama , no kad pengenalan dan juga gambar kad pengenalan anda serta gambar selfie. Setelah pengesahan berjaya, maka, RM50 akan dikreditkan kepada anda. ========= The government has begun disbursing the RM50 eWallet credit to all eligible Malaysians under the ePenjana initiative. The aim is to increase eWallet adoption and to boost consumer spending. Here’s everything you need to know including how to redeem your RM50 credit.

Who is eligible?

The RM50 eWallet credit is only for Malaysians aged 18 years and above as of 31st December 2020. Only those with an annual income of less than RM100,000 will be eligible. According to the Ministry of Finance, the income eligibility will be determined based on the latest Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) records.

When can you redeem?

The ePenjana credits can be redeemed by eligible Malaysians from 8.00am on 31st July 2020 until 11:59pm on 24th September 2020. The RM50 credit must be utilised by 11.59pm 30th September 2020. Any unutilised amount will be forfeited, so make sure you use it before the end of September.

MySejahtera App required

As announced by Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, the MySejahtera App is requireme to claim the free eWallet credit. This is to encourage downloads and usage of the app for COVID-19 contact tracing. You can download MySejahtera from the following links: Android (Google Play Store) Huawei (Huawei App Gallery) iPhone (Apple App Store)
After downloading the app, you must ensure that you’ve entered your name and IC number are entered correctly. If you’ve downloaded the MySejahtera app previously, you are advised to check to ensure that your personal details are correct. Here’s how to check or update your personal info on MySejahtera:
  1. Tap on the Profile at bottom right panel
  2. Tap on the menu button (three stripes) on the top right
  3. Tap on My Personal Details
  4. Enter your Full Name as per IC and IC number, then hit save.

How can you redeem the RM50?

The ePenjana program supports 3 eWallets – Boost, Grab and Touch ‘n Go eWallet. According to the Ministry of Finance, these three were selected as they cumulatively represent a majority of eMoney market share with a combined active user base of 21 million and have more than 400,000 merchants nationwide. You can download the eWallet apps below:


Android (Google Play Store) Huawei (Huawei App Gallery) iPhone (Apple App Store)


Android (Google Play Store) iPhone (Apple App Store)

Touch ‘n Go eWallet

Android (Google Play Store) Huawei (Huawei App Gallery) iPhone (Apple App Store) For existing users, do ensure that you’ve updated the app to the latest version. After installing and registering the app, you must verify your eWallet account by going through an electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC) process. The verification process would require you to snap a picture of your identity card. You can’t redeem the RM50 if your eWallet is not verified. This is to ensure that you’re eligible and it matches with the details recorded in the MySejahtera app.
Once that’s done, you can proceed to redeem by clicking on the RM50 ePenjana banner on the home page of the eWallet. If you’ve fulfilled all criteria, you can proceed to apply for the RM50 credit redemption. According to the Ministry of Finance, the credits will be issued to your selected eWallet within 5 days of the application. Expect high traffic on the first day of redemption so you might want to try again a bit later if you can’t redeem at first attempt. Do note that all eligible Malaysians can only redeem the RM50 once and it will be credited to only 1 of the 3 supported eWallets. This means you can’t get RM150 if you have downloaded all three eWallets. Any attempt to claim more than once will be rejected by the system.

What can you use it for?

Similar to eTunai Rakyat, you can use it for offline and online transactions. When the program was announced by the Prime Minister in June, it was initially meant for offline and physical purchases only, but we’ve confirmed with all three eWallet providers that you can use the credits for online payments. This also includes in-app services such as GrabCar, GrabFood, GrabMart, parking, prepaid top ups and online shopping. If you’re using Touch ‘n Go eWallet, you can even use it to pay tolls via PayDirect or RFID. However, wallet to wallet transfers are not allowed. The money is meant to encourage cashless spending, so you can’t cash out or transfer it to another person.

What else do you get?

The respective eWallet providers are also offering additional value in the form of rebates, cash back and vouchers.


Boost is offering rewards of more than RM130 when you redeem your ePenjana credit with them. This includes RM60 reward when you subscribe to Celcom XP Lite Postpaid, up to RM20 worth of Reward Bundles that are given at random when you spend RM5 with the ePenjana credit and a chance to win monthly prizes including a Myvi. You can learn more here.


Grab is offering RM50 in Grab vouchers in addition to the RM50 eWallet credit. On top of that, the first 7,000 people to spend the RM50 and use at least one Grab service (Grab, GrabFood, GrabMart or GrabExpress) within the week will stand a chance to win weekly bonus of RM75 in vouchers.
You can learn more about Grab’s offer here.

Touch ‘n Go eWallet

Touch ‘n Go digital is offering over 50 cashback and discount promos. This includes RM2 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM40 at Shell, RM3 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15 on Lazada, RM5 instant discount when you spend a minimum of RM25 on Starbucks, RM6 cashback when you spend a minimum of RM40 at Pizza Hut and RM3 off when you spend a minimum of RM13 at Tealive. You can learn more about TNG’s offer here.

What if I have issues with the eWallet?

If you have problem registering or activating your eWallet, you may contact the respective providers below:


Telephone: +603-2260 9494 E-mail: Website:


Telephone: +603-2788 1300 E-mail: Website:

Touch ‘n Go eWallet

Telephone: +603-5022 3888 E-mail: Website: For further reading, you can refer to the official FAQ for the ePenjana program here. The FAQ is also available in Bahasa Melayu.